GIC 2020 Sweden Exploring Consciousness



Global Inspiration Conference 2020

9-16 August 2020 in Rättvik, Sweden


An annual high-energy, experiential week of seminars and activities which draws conscious breathers and breathworkers from around the world, to breathe, share, learn and enjoy.

The Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) is a week-long Breathwork celebration open to people of all ages and backgrounds, with or without previous experience in Breathwork. The conference is an uplifting, open-hearted gathering with world-leading Breathwork teachers and lecturers, creating a platform for you to learn, experience, discover, and transform through the power of breath.

The GIC is organized yearly by members of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF). The organization was founded at the first GIC that was hosted in Sweden in 1994 by a group of Breathwork professionals. The conference has toured the world for the last 25 years as an annual event and is now back in Sweden where it all began. The GIC grows each year with more exciting workshops and seminars, and participants with varying backgrounds. The GIC 2020 is organized by Bo Wahlström, Igor Dzeba, Marika Grankvist and team.


Program: 9-16 August 2020


On 9 August, check-in is open

14.00-17.30. The GIC team will help you check-in and get settled in your room.

18.00-19.00. Everyone will gather for a welcome ceremony

19.00-20.30 Dinner is served afterwards,

The daily program, 10-15 August, starts with a morning assembly after breakfast. At the assembly, the program for the day is presented and set. There will be well-known facilitators in the field of Breathwork who will offer workshops and give lectures. In addition, participants have the opportunity to present workshops. In the evenings, there will be community activities, such as music, concerts and dancing. A detailed program will be published on the GIC 2020 website.

After breakfast on the last day of the GIC, there will be a closing ceremony, 9.00-10.30. Following the ceremony, you can have lunch at the restaurant for an additional fee. Check-out is prior to 11.00.